Results for Fridley Finishers in the Medtronic Twin Cities 10 Mile

They weren't also-rans, but, well ... they also ran!

Fridley had 28 residents complete the 2012 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Sunday—but another 22 who finished the Medtronic Twin Cities 10 Mile race

Here are their results. Have photos or video? Upload them to this post!

Results Link Runner M/F Age Time View Results EDD KALAMANSKI M 46 1:17:44 View Results JILL WALKER F 37 1:21:23 View Results DENNIS MURPHY M 58 1:22:08 View Results ERIK JOHNSON M 29 1:24:10 View Results MARK ZELENAK M 46 1:25:51 View Results MARCIA LINDBLAD F 53 1:26:08 View Results SARAH AARSETH F 34 1:26:50 View Results TRISTAN TIESO F 28 1:29:10 View Results JOHN COLLINS M 46 1:29:31 View Results JAMISON STEPAN M 38 1:29:37 View Results KELLY KOBERNICK F 28 1:30:01 View Results MARIA ZOWNIROWYCZ F 22 1:35:59 View Results ROSS JORENBY M 28 1:36:30 View Results GINA JORGENSON F 44 1:38:15 View Results JASON RUFFALO M 37 1:41:26 View Results STEVE MOLL M 39 1:51:39 View Results KENDRA ALLEN F 23 1:52:17 View Results CARL HOIBY M 61 1:54:28 View Results ERIK ANDERSON M 39 1:56:43 View Results MELISSA STURDEVANT F 40 2:00:17 View Results DONALD ANDERSON M 38 2:03:59 View Results KATHERINE STUBBLEFIELD F 37 2:20:55


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