Fans, trains and autos: An Arden Hills Vikings Stadium and Fridley

The site is about two miles east, near I-694 and Hwy. 10.

How might a new Minnesota Vikings stadium near Highway 10 and I-694 impact Fridley?

Minnesota lawmakers seem stymied on a state budget deal but some are still working on the Ramsey County stadium plan, Minnesota Public Radio reported Wednesday, and hope to spur action on the issue during a special legislative session.

Also Wednesday, Arden Hills residents had their say during a special city council meeting ( and ) about the stadium plan first floated more than a month ago.

Meanwhile, a couple blog commentators have taken shots at analyzing the Ramsey County plan for a retractable-roof stadium that would cost more than $1 billion to build two miles west of Fridley on the site of the former Twin Cities Ordnance Plant in Arden Hills.

One speculates on the road improvements that would be required—and that have proved a critical part of the stadium plan's funding challenge (). Two of the main access routes pass through or near Fridley: Highway 10 and I-694.

Another envisions a Fridley-to-Arden Hills train link that would help funnel fans from around the region to the new sports center via mass transit rather than roads.

tom June 02, 2011 at 02:50 PM
I love the ideal of having tailgating and all day activities that the whole family can enjoy. Something that has been lost at the Metrodome. The new stadium needs to be out of the cities a bit, so that there's room for the tailgating, parking, and other activities. I hope the state of Minnesota gets this right for the fans.
Matt Broderson June 03, 2011 at 05:07 AM
Make it happen! What a historical piece of legislation to be a part of state leaders. Minnesota needs this concept to become a reality for our generation and many more to come. Get 'r' DONE!


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