VIDEO: Hayes Elementary Staff Flash Mob Dance

A Fridley school assembly for quiet reading suddenly turned very groovy.

It was billed as quiet time when all the students at in Fridley would sit in the gym, each with a book, and read.

And for five minutes on Friday, that's what it was.

Then music started, and teachers who had been mingling among the students moved to an open space in the mass the seated readers.

Suddenly Principal John Piotraschke bounded out, decked in purple hat and feather boa, and led a staff dance performance that lasted three minutes in front of a gym full of ecstatic children.

At the end Piotraschke wished everyone a good weekend, and teachers who had moments before been boogie-ing led students back to classrooms.

The excitement came only two days after for kids during lunch.

Both surprise performances were part of the school's celebration of I Love to Read Week.

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Tim Simonson February 10, 2012 at 10:59 PM
WOW! What an energetic and fun group of staff members. The students must have been thrilled. Great job Hayes!


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