Fridley on YouTube: A 1974 Grace High School Film Studies Project

Rediscovered and restored, the 15-minute student movie about hit men resurfaces after 38 years.

A student-made short movie from a 1974 Grace High School film studies class appeared on YouTube in December—restored with new credits and Maynard Ferguson soundtrack. 

The 15-minute film's plot revolves around a pair of hit men doing their job. It's called Slaughter 5. So, fair warning: There is gun violence and gore.

The description at YouTube:

1974 Grace High School (Fridley Minnesota) Film Studies Class Movie filmed with a Bell & Howell Super 8 movie camera

There's more information, including a full cast list and other credits, scrolling at the opening and ending of the video. Timothy D. Nelson directed and wrote the screenplay, and the YouTube version was posted by TDNELSONMOVIEMAKER.

One of the cast members is Jeff Ferguson—the current dean of students and head football coach at Totino-Grace High School? Ferguson's email said he is out until next week.


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