Voters OK School Levies in Fridley, Spring Lake Park, Anoka-Hennepin

Vranish, Hennen, Amundsen win SLP board seats.

Voters in the Fridley, Spring Lake Park and Anoka-Hennepin school districts gave thumbs up to levy ballot questions Tuesday.

In the Spring Lake Park district, Amy Hennen, Colleen Vranish and Jim Amundsen won election to the school board.

Here are the complete (but unofficial) election results from school districts in the city of Fridley. Parts of Fridley are in four school districts, three of which held elections Tuesday: Fridley (District 14), Spring Lake Park (District 16) and Anoka-Hennepin (District 11).  


Both ballot questions PASS.

Fridley Ballot Question 1: Yes 1,435; No 516

Fridley Ballot Qustion 2:Yes 1,417; No 540

Fridley School Board (three seats): Riddle 1,137; Bischke 1,161; Sampson 1,231; other 61



Both ballot questions PASS.

Spring Lake Park Ballot Question 1:

P1 (Woodcrest): Yes 806; No 523

P2 (Westwood): Yes 1,514; No 595

Total: Yes 2,320; No 1,118

Spring Lake Park Ballot Question 2:

P1 (Woodcrest): Yes 611; No 720

P2 (Westwood): Yes 1,297; No 806

Total: Yes 1,908; No 1,526

Spring Lake Park School Board (three seats):

P1 (Woodcrest): Hennen 634; Lewis 317; George 302; Reynolds 316; Vranish 601; Amundsen 648

P2 (Westwood): Hennen 1,248; Lewis 424; George 306; Reynolds 363; Vranish 824; Amundsen 977

Total (winners in bold): Hennen 1,882; Lewis 741; George 608; Reynolds 679; Vranish 1,425; Amundsen 1,625


Ballot Questions 2 and 3 PASS but Q3 FAILS

Anoka-Hennepin Ballot Question 1:

Fridley precinct (SB5 P4): Voters favored 126-98.

Total district: Yes 20,698; No 12,139

Anoka-Hennepin Ballot Question 2:

Fridley precinct (SB5 P4): Voters opposed 106-119.

Total district: Yes 16,580; No 16,184

Anoka-Hennepin Ballot Question 3:

Fridley precinct (SB5 P4): Voters opposed 93-132.

Total district: Yes 14,725; No 17,990

Anoka-Hennepin School Board:

Fridley precinct (SB5 P4): Wenzel (running unopposed) 140; other 9

Totals (SB5): With seven of seven precincts reporting, it's Wenzel 2,924; other 140

Other board seats:

District 1: With 6 of 6 precincts reporting, Tom Heidemann 3,041; Darin Rorman 1,184.

District 2: With 6 of 6 precincts reporting, it's Marci D. Anderson with 1,559; Mary Nelson 1,128; and Randy Kolb 1,109.


See Fridley Patch posts on levy questions and candidates:

See maps showing school district boundaries:


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