Voting Va-Va-Voom: Craigslist 'Missed Connections' at Polling Places

Voters in and around Fridley cast glances along with their ballots.

Judging from Craigslist, the election wasn't the only thing on voters' minds at Fridley-area polling places Tuesday.

At the Fridley Community Center polling place:

Voting in Fridley - m4w - 53 (Fridley community center)

I'm the guy in the "Caterpillar" jacket. We spoke briefly. You thought I may have known you from the Maple Lanes Bowling Alley. Please reply to this ad if you see it.


To the north (Coon Rapids VFW polling place):

Cure redhead at Coon Rapids VFW - m4w - 30 (Coon Rapids)

Saw you voting at the Coon Rapids VFW on Tuesday, around 5 PM. Think we shared a glance or two. You were really cute, but I didn't really have a chance to say hi.

If this is you, hit me up.

To the south (St. Hedwig Catholic Church polling place, northeast Minneapolis):

St Hedwig polling place - m4w - 42 (Mpls)

It was the St. Hedwig Church ( River Villiage ) polling location. We stood in line from just before 3pm to a little after 4pm. I enjoyed chatting with you and wish I would have worked up the nerve to get your number and ask you out to coffee sooner. But what guy hits on a lady in line to vote? Well, I should have been that guy. my loss. I was going to make the move after we both voted but you finished before I did and I didn't see you in the parking lot. I would have given you a ride to the cake shop if my brother wasn't waiting for me at my place.

Name starts with S
You make cakes on weekends and needed a ride to the shop.
We both went to the same college and I told you about a unique housing structure.

Confirm its you by telling me what college we went to.

Crossing my fingers!

To the east (Grace Point Church polling place, New Brighton):

Hey you, the cute guy sitting at the voting register table with me! - w4m (Grace Point Church)

Hey, I'm the Asian girl that kept eyeing you. I was in line behind you when we were registering to vote and than sat next to you at the register table. You smile at me right before you drove off in your white car while I was trying to back out of my spot. I would like to grab a drink with you sometimes. If you see this posting, email me with the subject line describing the person I was with or the car I was driving.

We voted around 7:40 PM

To the west (Meadow Lake Elementary School polling place, New Hope):

Cool Mom in line to help daughter vote - m4w (Meadow Lk )

After you voted, you came out into the hall to help your daughter go through registration. Immediately I thought wow "Cool Mom" I was the guy standing behind you and your kids. Great kids by the way. But you, you were a breath of fresh air, so positive, happy & very cute, explaining your views to your daughter on how she could vote. It made me happy to know that a cool Mom with kids had the same viewpoint as me.

I've never done this before but I reeally would love to talk with you, so I figured I should go in & post this.

No harm in talking right?

Drop me a note, I'd love to hear from you.

(We're winning):-)


  • 'You Smelled Like Cupcakes': Craigslist Missed Connections at Polling Places (Southwest Minneapolis Patch)


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