SEE: New City of Fridley Video on Water Supply, Cancer Concerns

Panelists includes officials from MN Dept. of Health and Polllution Control Agency, City of Fridley.

Watch a new video from the City of Fridley called Fridley's Environmental Cancer Concerns featuring state and local officials.

This video, posted on the City of Fridley website on Aug. 16, 2012, is a followup to a program the City of Fridley produced in April 2012 titled .

It also comes a few days before an at the at which federal, state and local officials will be available to answer residents' questions. (Whether the will in an official capacity remains an open question. The group brought consumer activist Erin Brockovich to Fridley in June for a .)

The panel participants, from left to right as they appear in the video, are:

  • Sandeep Burman, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Jim Kosluchar, City of Fridley Director of Public Works
  • John Soler, Minnesota Department of Health
  • Dr. Bill Burns, City of Fridley Manager
  • Karla Peterson, Minnesota Department of Health
  • Dr. Rita Messing, Minnesota Department of Health

To review Fridley Patch's coverage of local cancer concerns and related topics, please see our Cancer Concerns topic page.


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