U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Forming Community Advisory Group in Fridley

Federal agency wants to focus local volunteers on city's polluted Superfund sites.

Fridley will get renewed federal attention to its polluted Superfund sites in 2013, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced Tuesday. 

The EPA is forming a Community Advisory Group (CAG) in Fridley—the agency's way of creating a "public forum for community members to present and discuss their needs and concerns related to the Superfund decision-making process."

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Information about the group from State Rep.-elect Connie Bernardy (DFL-Fridley):

Fridley-Area Superfund Sites Community Advisory Group (CAG)
If you are interested, I hope you to take the opportunity to get involved in this important environmental issue in our community. Sign up for a community interview, attend the informational meeting about how the community starts a Community Advisory Group (CAG), or even become a member of the newly-forming Fridley-Area Superfund Sites Community Advisory Group.

How you can get involved
EPA staff is planning to hold community member interviews in December and a CAG workshop for the Fridley area in late January or early February 2013. The workshop will give people a thorough overview of the CAG formation process. If you’re interested in participating in the CAG workshop, please send your contact information to Nefertiti DiCosmo, EPA Community Involvement Coordinator, Superfund Division, dicosmo.nefertiti@epa.gov, 312-886-6148. For more information about CAGs please visit: www.epa.gov/superfund/community/cag/whatis.htm

Community Advisory Group (CAG) membership is voluntary and members should be willing to serve two-year terms. CAG members will meet regularly and review and comment on technical documents and plans related to the environmental studies and cleanup activities at the Fridley sites. Members will help Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) staff and the community exchange information about site activities and local concerns. CAG members will meet with individuals and groups in the community to obtain their views and get their feedback. All CAG meetings will be open to the public. CAG members will be chosen from nominations submitted by individuals and groups in the Fridley area.

If you have questions, comments or need more information about EPA’s community involvement plans for the Fridley Superfund sites, you can contact Nefertiti DiCosmo at the contact information listed above.

Bernardy said in an email that the EPA called and e-mailed her about the CAG Tuesday. Here is what the EPA wrote:


In response to your request for a community advisory group (CAG) we are sending out an informational fact sheet about CAGs.  In January 2013, weather permitting, we plan to have an informational meeting about how the community can start a CAG. For more information about CAGs please visit this web site: www.epa.gov/superfund/community/cag/whatis.htm

Also, EPA will be conducting community interviews in December.  We are interested in talking with anyone who is interested and hope to reach a diverse group of people. These interviews will be used to create a community involvement plan or CIP. The CIP is a road map for EPA and the community.  It helps EPA understand the community better and lets the community know what community involvement activities are available to them.  The CIP will focus on the community involvement needed for the five Superfund sites in Fridley, MN. During these interviews EPA will not be able to provide any technical information about any of the sites.

If you or anyone you know is interested in setting up an interview with us, please have them call or email me directly.  Once we have finalized the dates for the interviews, we will contact them and schedule the interview.

Nefertiti DiCosmo

U.S. EPA Superfund


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