Tillberry: Why I Voted for Vikings Stadium Bill

Fridley rep says constituent comments are 15:1 in favor.

Here's how state Rep. Tom Tillberry (DFL-51B) explained in an email Tuesday:

I was an original author to the Kreisel charitable gambling bill, which now turned into the Viking stadium bill. We needed to resolve the stadium issue and this was the best way possible for this legislature at this time. Although we have other needs in our community that have more priority, the decision to build the stadium would supply us with more job opportunities for people who have been waiting for work. I can't be sure that the bonding bill will pass. We need to get our workers back to work. If we wait for a good time to build a stadium, it will never be built. It's been argued for over 6 years and my constituents told me that they wanted the stadium by a margin of 15 yes votes to every 1 no vote. That made my decision much easier.

Marlene Hoda May 10, 2012 at 03:55 AM
In March an agreement for a $975 million fixed-roof stadium near the Metrodome was announced between the Vikings, the Governor, Legislative leaders, the mayor and council president of Minneapolis, and various business and labor leaders. That is more than generous considering these challenging economic times. We are going through the worst economic times since the great depression and it is insane to consider putting money that is generated by the state (even gambling moneys) into a “game.” At a time when health care for people with disabilities, public schools, colleges, and universities, nursing homes, the courts, law enforcement, and other crucial state and local functions are squeezed by budget cuts. The Vikings professional football team is fully capable of financing the project on its own and should not be a priority and burden on the state. Does the house or senate know the Vikings financial situation? If the Vikings are to “partner” in a venture involving the state of Minnesota’s money it seem to me we would be hearing publicly why they feel the stadium is the proposal of the state’s financial burden? The Vikings obviously do not care about the financial welfare of our state and have gone so far as to commit extortion. Extortion is the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.
Marlene Hoda May 10, 2012 at 03:58 AM
The jobs that would be generated are not all positive. I know a person that works at target field and is subject to food industry rules. She is allotted a 15 minute break in a 10 hr period and must count on the fans to give her tips to survive. Since “tips” are not a reliable income and the job is seasonal it is far from a quality job for the people of MN. The same type of jobs would be created at a Vikings stadium. The construction jobs would be temporary therefore they are not a stable long term fix. I hope as my State Reprehensive you will put crucial public functions first.


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