Temporary Liquor Licenses a Casualty of Shutdown

But concern is academic until someone asks for one.

One local impact of the : It has put the kibosh on new temporary liquor licenses that groups occasionally seek for special events in Fridley.

That was on the mind of Fridley Police Lt. Bob Rewitzer as the state government began to shut down July 1. At that time he cited softball tournaments as one type of event that wouldn't be able to get a license.

Fridley Finance Director Darin Nelson confirmed Monday that the city clerk’s office can't issue any liquor licenses—temporary or otherwise—because they require state processing that isn't happening under the shutdown.   

One regular applicant for a temporary license, Totino-Grace High School, sought a temporary license for a fall fundraising event last spring. "So they are set," Nelson said via email. "Other than that there are no other yearly recurring temporary liquor licenses to be issued."

The City of Fridley doesn't have any current requests on file, Nelson added—"but the longer the shutdown goes the more likely this will impact some organizations trying to receive temporary liquor licenses."


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