READ: MPCA, EPA Respond to Brockovich Fridley Meeting Statements

Joint MN Pollution Control Agency-U.S. Environmental Protection Agency document aims to refute 13 claims and criticisms, point by point.

Here is a new document from Minnesota and federal pollution-control officials, responding point-by-point to 13 claims and criticisms made at .

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials attended a , where they distributed this document.

Ed Song July 20, 2012 at 05:06 AM
From what I understand, the Fridley FMC site was ranked number 1 in the nation back when the Superfund list was first made in the early 80's. Mr. Bowcock made it clear that the FMC site may no longer be the number 1 ranked site.
Julie Knutson July 20, 2012 at 02:49 PM
I beg to differ with #12; I grew up in Fridley from the age of 3 to my early 40's. My parents, brother or myself have never heard that there were superfund sites in the area. If the EPA maintains that they complied and followed through with this failed miserably..plus you have down 2005?? Where was it years ago??
jeff loven July 27, 2012 at 09:41 AM
IMO--There should be a revision and perspective buyers should be notified if they are looking at properties within a certain distance of a superfund site> I would never have bought a home in Fridley had I known. (Of course-this would bite me in the ass should I sell/move.)
jeff loven July 27, 2012 at 09:41 AM
I have spent 2 days speaking to people from the MPCA, MDH, EPA, City of Fridley and several testing labs. Because my wife is a non hodgkins cancer survivor and we have a son born with single sided hearing (both can be attributed to TCE exposure) I became concerned. I found out the man who built our house died of prostate cancer in our home. Our neighbor is a cancer survivor. The guy next to him died of lung cancer. The lady directly across the street from us has had part of her colon removed last year/colon cancer. The only other neighbor on the other side of us-well-she says she is sick and she's just leaving Fridley for CA-says she will probably just let the house go because of contamination and is not comfortable selling a "sick home". FWIW---When I added my wife to the cancer cluster map I noticed none of the other people I know have done so-therefore making me think the map is not so accurate. I am working to have ground and vapor intrusion testing done on our home. As I suspected all of the bureuacrats are trying to talk me out of it. One did slip-IMO-by telling me the City Of Fridley, the Feds and possibly the offending polluter would pay to have our home fixed and/or relocate my family.
jeff loven July 27, 2012 at 09:49 AM
There probably is not an exposure issue-plume or whatever going on here-BUT-if there is it will end up costing someone a TON of money. FWIW people should realize the MPCA is paid from the superfund sites and polluters to work with/oversee them...I had spent 2 days contacting other parties because of the poor interaction I had with an MPCA person. That person failed to share important information with me which I later found out on my own. Why does it seem like these people do not want me to test our property for exposure....
jeff loven July 29, 2012 at 06:07 AM
I will be canvassing the entire neighborhood door to door and meeting my neighbors and explaining the situation. I will find out if more people are sick. I will show up to the meeting 8/22 at the community center to meet the City of Fridley, MPCA, EPA, MDH and the other folks who will undoubtedly tell us everything is okay-OR- have a plan in place like St Louis Park where they will test individual homes and take care of any problems. We will find out if these folks have a passion for their work and for the good people of Fridley...I'm glad they have agreed to a question-answer meeting 8/22. After they get done talking I have a ton of questions and information for people to hear and refuse to be snowed over by people simply wanting to cover their own butts.


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