Obama's MN Destination: Not Fridley, but Close

The President will speak a mile away at the Minneapolis Police Special Operations Center in north Minneapolis—not at the MPD's Emergency Training Facility in Fridley.

President Obama will visit the Twin Cities Monday, but his one stop announced so far won't quite be in Fridley.

You're forgiven if you thought he might be headed to Fridley. KSTP-TV reported Thursday the president will speak on the topic of gun violence at the Minneapolis Police Special Operations Center. That facility is in north Minneapolis.

A different Minneapolis police facility with a somewhat similar long name is located in Fridley: the Minneapolis Police Emergency Training Facility.

Still, the Minneapolis Police Special Operations Center at 4119 Dupont Ave. N. in Minneapolis is very close to Fridley's southwestern corner, where the Minneapolis Police Emergency Training Facility at 25 37th Ave. NE opened in 2010.

For the record, President Obama will be about 0.9 miles west of Fridley. His appearance is closed to the public and open only to the media, KSTP reported.

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Cecil Alston February 01, 2013 at 12:42 PM
dear mister president my name is Cecil Alston There has been many times And the home of families That kids Have been able To get their hands on Handguns And hunting rifles That has been stored in closet handguns under mattress. kids that are having problems in school knows exactly where to go to find their parents handguns and other weapons and their home to help parents of gun owners be hell for some of the count ability making sure that their weapons up properly stored and a gun safe or lock box that only the parents will have acess to this will help to stop accidentally kids find in guns accidentally shooting a family member kid getting angry in school coming home getting parents weapon going back to the school retaliating all guns and home Shelby locked up mister president I hope if we can take this in consideration of families properly store and handguns and their home will help make a difference thank you very much. Cecil Alston 651-442-1118
Markus February 03, 2013 at 08:54 PM
Another fine example of one of our public school children evidently. Brainwashed and semi-literate. Too bad his teacher isn't "hell to some count ability" to make sure he knows how to spell and knows where to use capitalization and punctuation. He'll make a good little disarmed proletarian. http://targetfreedom.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Obey840x550.jpg
Cole cross February 04, 2013 at 06:23 PM


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