New Bus Route 810 Changes Monday: Now Circulates Clockwise in the Afternoon Too

The afternoon route of Fridley's new bus line will match the morning.

Metro Transit has announced changes effective Monday to the that started running in Fridley last month.

Route 810 buses will now circulate through Fridley in a clockwise direction on their afternoon runs, as they already do for morning runs.

The counter-clockwise circulation along Mississippi Street NE, Old Central Avenue NE, Osborne Road NE and University Avenue NE led to "concerns about missed connections with Northstar trains," Metro Transit said in its announcement.

"This will allow buses to make a series of right turns instead of left turns, improving reliability and on-time performance," according to the announcement.

The six trips each in the morning and afternoon rush hours are meant to help connect people living or working in Fridley to their jobs or homes on the Northstar Commuter Rail line.

Those connections are , said Cyndi Harper, manager of route planning for Metro Transit, in a Q&A email interview last month:

"The potential success of the route will rely primarily on its connections with Northstar, both to bring people living in other cities along the train line to jobs in Fridley as well as bringing residents near Mississippi St in Fridley to the train to make connections downtown or to other communities along the Northstar Line."


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