LIVE VIDEO: MN Senate Takes up Vikings Stadium Bill

Of Fridley's 2 senators, Wolf is a No, Goodwin abstained in committee.

Fridley has two representatives in the Minnesota Senate, where the Minnesota Vikings stadium bill is set for a floor debate and vote on Tuesday. Watch the action here with live streaming video via The UpTake.

Sen. Pam Wolf (R-51) has said she on the stadium bill. Wolf has been hearing from stadium fans who want her to vote in favor of the bill.

Sen. Barb Goodwin (DFL-50) has and in committee on the bill. She has also ."

On Monday, , which passed. Reps. Tom Tillberry and Kate Knuth voted "Yes" while Rep. Carolyn Laine voted "No."

The bill is taking different shapes in the two legislative bodies as members amend it; if it passes the Senate a conference committee will have to blend the bills and a unified version will come back before both the House and Senate in the few remaining days of the session.


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