VIDEO: MN Senate Panel Votes 'Right to Work' Amendment

Barb Goodwin, who represents Fridley, is on Judiciary Committee.

Update (3 p.m. Monday): Here is video of Sen. Barb Goodwin (DFL-50) at the hearing for the "Right to Work" bill on Monday at the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee. (See the archived video from the UpTake above). Goodwin represents a large part of western and southern Fridley.

"It really basically takes away rights," Goodwin said of the bill, which she termed an "ill conceived notion."

See Goodwin at the beginning of the video, as well as at the 37:30 and 1:32:50 marks.

Look for a separate post with Goodwin's comments from an interview after the hearing.

Update (1 p.m. Monday): The Right to Work bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee by a vote of 7-6.

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Original post (10 a.m. Monday): State Sen. Barb Goodwin (DFL-50), who represents Fridley, is on the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee that is holding a hearing on putting a proposed "Right to Work" Constitutional amendment on the ballot in November. The amendment would make paying union dues optional.

Goodwin spoke about her family's union background—her grandfather participated in the 1934 Minneapolis Teamsters' strike. Among her comments:

The clear mission of this bill is to weaken the unions and to prevent employees from organizing. ...

What we're saying with this bill is that we're ready to decrease the spending power and quality of life for employees and allow employers to pay a lot less money. ...

The purpose of this bill is plain and simple: attracting low-wage workers. [Employers'] next move is to Third World countries where they can get even lower wages. ...

We will just be a state that has a whole lot fewer people in the middle class.

Read the Senate bill that would put a "Right to Work" on the ballot.

margaret schrader March 13, 2012 at 11:07 AM
Right to work equals freedom of choice.....forced unionism equals communism....straight up!!.....The EMMONS law also needs to be thrown out....unions are an un american concept despite the fact that or grandparents supported them......they were never around when our founders wrote the constitution . If they are such a great deal then people would flock to them and not be forced to join......it is simply a method which Marxists and communists use to skew votes by obtaining money to spread propaganda through ads and hiring thugs to intimidate people.....shame on our country for ever allowing these foreign and failed ideologies to enter our political system....


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