Fridley Woman Stays in MN Senate Race She Entered by Mistake

Deadline past for Fadumo Yusuf to withdraw; she's not on U.S. Senate candidate roster as she intended.

The deadline for Fadumo Yusuf to withdraw from a Minnesota Senate race she didn't mean to enter came and went Thursday.

That means that—without a successful legal challenge to her residency—Yusuf's error will force a primary-election faceoff with incumbent Republican Michelle Fischbach in state Senate District 13—more than an hour's drive from Yusuf's Fridley home.

It all started Tuesday, when to unseat U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (DFL-MN), as first reported by the St. Cloud Times. Instead, by writing "13" in a blank for "District #" and paying the wrong fee amount, she ended up a state Senate candidate.

State law provides a two-day window after the Tuesday filing deadline for candidates to reconsider and withdraw. That window closed at the end of the business day Thursday.

Filing for the wrong office cost Yusuf $100. She told the St. Cloud Times she doesn't intend to run for office in state Senate District 13.

Avonna Starck June 08, 2012 at 05:19 PM
So many things about this frighten me. For one, who would actually vote for someone who can't fill out the paperwork correctly? Imagine the damage that could be done if she actually held office! This screams lack of prep. Either she has no campaign manager to help her with things such as this or they are just as inept as this woman. Either way I smell disaster. Wow.


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