Fridley's Outdoor Ice Rinks in the Works

Parks and Rec aims to have them ready for skating by Dec. 21, 2012.

If the frozen tip of your nose is telling you it might be time for outdoor skating, here's an update on ice rinks from Sue Johnson at the City of Fridley Department of Parks and Recreation:

The recent snow storm has delayed the work necessary to get the rinks ready for safe, skateable ice. It requires 7–10 consecutive days of temperatures below freezing while putting the water down to get a 3”–4” layer of ice; however, when it snows, the Maintenance staff are asked to plow the streets and this causes a delay in preparing the ice for use now, and during the regular season, because ice rinks are the last to have the snow cleared. The Park Maintenance staff will be clearing the snow and flooding the rinks this evening (Dec 11). Keep in mind that there is snow forecasted for Saturday and if this happens it will cause another setback. Our goal is to have the rinks ready for use by Fridley’s winter break which begins December 21st.


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