5th District Candidate Responds To Accusations in City Pages

Chris Fields says bringing up a temporary restraining order from 2006—that he never knew about—is an example of dirty politics.

U.S. Fifth District GOP candidate Chris Fields said the recent disclosure of a temporary restraining order his ex-wife filed against him in 2006 is a further example of dirty tactics that are turning people off politics.

City Pages published the article Thursday, Oct. 4.

“This is the politics of personal destruction,” Fields told Patch on Wednesday.

Fields released a statement (see the PDF with this story) and contacted Patch after he said City Pages interviewed him about the restraining order.

City Pages did not specify where it got the information—but it did publish Fields’ full release, which includes accusations.

Patch will update this story when it receives responses from people Fields mentions in his news release.

Fields said he was never served the temporary restraining order and hadn’t known it existed until City Pages contacted him. He denied that he was ever abusive to his ex-wife and said he still cares about her to this day.

The couple divorced in 2006.

David Dyer October 05, 2012 at 03:47 PM
That's not dirty politics, that's just informing us of your history. Don't get upset when you get called out for your past.
Kathy Rendall October 05, 2012 at 04:59 PM
Chris, I hope you are reading this. I appreciate your rebuttal, however, I still won't be voting for you because in my opinion, you clearly lack the experience needed to represent CD5 in Congress. Futhermore, I simply can't support Ellison either due to his strong ties to terrorist countries and his anti-american spirit. Also, Ellison, if he is behind this mud slinging, shouldn't talk. I've heard so many rumors about Keith beating his ex-wife. So keith, if you're reading this, you should not throw stones. You're record isn't that great either.
Greg Staffa October 07, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Keith Ellison questioning character??? For almost three years I was homeless. My story was a front page story in the Star Tribune and then went national. It had many things Keith Ellison says he cares about. Things like Discrimination, Union worker, Contracts and homelessness. Out of the blue Ellison reached out to me via twitter saying he wanted to meet. I was suddenly filled with hope. He told me to contact his office. I did, but they emailed me back saying he was too busy. I tweeted to Keith Ellison that his staff said he was too busy. He replied "No true" and that he simply had to find time. I was so excited because had my contract been honored Id still have a job and have never had lost my house. I gave it a few days and then tried to reach out to Keith Ellison for a update. But when I tried I was informed I was blocked by him? Did he realize he was too busy so he did what was easy? Does he not care about discrimination? Workers rights? contracts? To me for whatever reason Keith Ellison took a cowards way out. He could not face me online like a man and with respect. Instead he blocked. If Keith Ellison cant keep his word to a homeless man... who will he keep his word to?
Amy Paddock October 08, 2012 at 03:39 PM
I actually had a on line moment with the homeless man some time ago. I couldn't get through to what he needed. It was unfortunate, and frustrating. The programs out there didn't interest him. I don't think it was because he didn't want to try, I think it could have been more then that, but it was difficult to find out because he wouldn't talk about it.
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