Fields, Boisclair Campaign Ads Gain Attention

TV advertisements for some 5th District challengers brought controversy to already heated topics, like abortion.

Rep. Keith Ellison, and his challengers Gary Boisclair and Chris Fields hit the airwaves this week, airing TV ads and answering interview questions to distinguish themselves in the congressional race.

On Aug. 9, Ellison sat down with Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert. On Ellison's Facebook page, he wrote:

Repped the 5th District on The Colbert Report last night. Talked anti-Muslim witch hunts, my chances of being Mitt Romney’s running mate, and whether or not Minneapolis is in the United States. 

Two days earlier, Boisclair, Ellison's competitor, aired TV advertisements that gained attention for their graphic depictions of abortion. On Aug. 7, Boisclair said on Facebook:

Maybe I shouldn't show theses tv ads...after all, its ludicrous to think that an unborn baby is actually human.

On Aug. 12, Fields broadcast his first TV advertisement where he blamed Ellison for the state's achievement gap.  The ad, which debuted with KSTP’s “At Issue” with Tom Hauser, quotes the Star Tribune:

"Minneapolis has the worst achievement gap between black and white students in the entire country."

In his ad, Fields says that if he's elected, he'll provide the leadership and focus needed to move Minnesota forward.

According to the Star Tribune, Ellison has yet to release any TV ad plans.

Sikh Temple Response

After six people died when a gunman opened fire at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisc. on Aug. 5, Ellison quickly released his thoughts, noting that violence based on cultural and religious practices must end.

On Facebook, Ellison wrote:

Acts of violence like the one in Oak Creek remind us that, no matter our religion or ethnicity, we are one American family. Many Sikhs have been victims of hate crimes in recent years based on their appearance. Judge people on the content of their character, not color or creed.

Ellison also released an official statement on the tragedy. In it, he said:

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this horrific act of violence and their community. It is particularly disturbing that the shooting occurred in a place of worship—where many Americans go for peace and prayer.

Fields did not have any Facebook or Twitter posts for Aug. 5, the day after the Oak Creek incident. 


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