Ellison Report: Alternative to Obama Jobs Bill

Progressive Caucus plan 'farther-left.'

The Congressional Progressive Caucus, which U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) co-chairs, released its alternative to President Barack Obama's jobs plan on Tuesday.

The Huffington Post described the plan as a "farther-left" proposal that "could provide a negotiating point as the president's bill moves through Congress in the coming weeks."

Ellison, Fridley's representative in Congress, said this about the plan:

We expect [Republicans] to be opposed. ... But we've got faith in the American people to rise up and demand that Congress pass a jobs bill. So we're fundamentally optimistic, but we're also realistic. ... We do expect the American people are going to bring pressure to bear.

Two Challengers In
In case you missed it, Minneapolis attorney Lynne Torgerson, who ran against Ellison in 2010, announced on Sunday that she would .

Torgerson's announcement brings the field of challengers to two, as retired Marine Maj. Chris Fields announced earlier this month that he would be seeking the GOP endorsement as well, according to MPR.


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