Ellison Fires Back Over 'Communist' Accusations

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison likened colleague Allen West's recent comments to McCarthyism.

After being categorized as "communist" last week alongside the rest of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison released a statement calling Florida Republican Allen West's comments "reminiscent of the days when Joe McCarthy divided Americans."

Rep. West had been responding to a constituent question over what percentage of the American Legislature were "card-carrying Marxists," saying he believed as many as 80 Democrats "are members of the Communist Party."

"It's called the Congressional Progressive Caucus," West said.

A spokesperson for West talked with Politico following the Florida town hall, saying West "stands by his words."

"The words the media needs to pay attention to are the words of the members of the Progressive caucus," the spokesperson told the organization. "They speak for themselves. Call it what you may, but these House members are clearly not proponents of capitalism, free markets or individual economic freedom."

Ellison and Progressive Caucus co-char Raúl M. Grijalva released a statement shortly afterward, saying they hoped people would "note that he repeatedly polarizes the American people instead of focusing on their interests."

"Allen West is denigrating the millions of Americans who voted to elect Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) members, and he is ignoring the oath they took to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution—just like he did," they wrote. "Calling fellow Members of Congress ‘communists’ is reminiscent of the days when Joe McCarthy divided Americans with name-calling and modern-day witch hunts that don’t advance policies to benefit people’s lives."

Fields Nabs Republican Endorsement

as the 5th Congressional District GOP candidate by delegates Saturday, beating out other Republican hopefuls by gathering more than 75 percent of the vote.

"I am humbled to accept the endorsement of my fellow Republicans today,” Fields said in a statement. "I fully accept the responsibility to offer a positive vision, and, equally important, I will share this vision with those who have been taken for granted, neglected and cast aside by a political establishment that sees them as focus group and a means to end."

Lynne Torgerson , insinuating she lost the nomination because the GOP convention had been "overrun by Ron Paul Libertarians."

"More than 2/3 of the delegates were Ron Paul Libertarians," Torgerson wrote. "When I mentioned that we were at a Republican Convention, they laughed out loud."

Ellison Invites Students to Submit Artwork

High school students from throughout the 5th Congressional District have been invited to submit artwork as part of the annual Congressional Art Competition.

The competition is sponsored by the U.S. House of Representatives every spring, aimed at both recognizing and encouraging students' talent in the visual arts. More than 15 high schools participated in the competition last year, with St. Anthony High School's Jamie Piekarcyck ultimately winning the grand prize.

Participating high school students simply need to submit a student release form and one-paragraph artist statement to Aya Johnson at Aya.Johnson@mail.house.gov by 4 p.m. on Monday, April 23 to enter the competition. The first-place winner will have his or her artwork displayed at the U.S. Capitol, while the second- and third-place winners' submissions will grace the walls of Ellison's offices in Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis.

All artwork will be collected Friday, April 27, from 3-6 p.m. at the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board (2117 West River Road, Minneapolis, MN 55411). Ellison will announce this year's winners at the Arts Education Forum and Awards reception at the Park Board office from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on Monday, April 30.

Rider I April 17, 2012 at 02:09 AM
The idea that McCarthy separated American's is ridiculous. During McCarthy's area we had more Republican union members, we had more co labor right movement with Republicans and Democrats against the Communist international party. Along with the idea that we had more US expansion and growth of our economy. You know nothing about McCarthy except the idea that he was the head espionage hunter against the KGB. Saying McCarthy divided the US in the US's highest time of economic growth and labor Union rights for Republicans and Democrats is like saying the Communist Soviet helpers he was tracking where not helping Russians't to take over the USA for Russia Communist Party member's to control. Rider I Anti Economic Warfare Blog Post.
Rider I April 17, 2012 at 02:14 AM
The Russian Communist Soviets and their US helpers who admitted to it when McCarthy found them. Did things like tried to destroy all of US energy and new wave weapons funding during that time Nuclear and Physics. Which Lock and Chu destroyed 80% of US green tech and energy weapons stimulus for the first three years. The Soviet KGB also did things like try and get their helpers to destroy US legal gun rights which they then sent guns to those Americans who hated the US and Democracy to prepare for civil war for Russian Communist to take over. Reminiscent to the President Clinton selling out our Naval Base to Communist China's PLA, then during his campaign attacking California gun rights and having the highest increase of illegal weapons to gangs and anarchist from the COSCO shipping who was caught selling RPG's and AK's to anarchist and communist in California. Please for the love of god make some sense when you speak read a book. McCarthy fought for togetherness in the US. He drove the Democrats and Republicans together against a common enemy. Today you have folks like Van Jones screaming that the US deserved to be hit during 911, other Democrats working hand in hand with the international Communist Chinese parties for foreign states to take us over and implode our economy. Along with Republicans also working with CCP to do the same. That area was the most togetherness we have ever seen.
Rider I April 17, 2012 at 02:16 AM
Thanks to those that fought for so called free speech. Which was truly just the idea that you could say you wanted to destroy the US government and Democracy for Communist ideas of mono fascist, was really all Mccarthy fought against. So now Al Queada, Nazi's and Communist work in US governemnt. California has the highest level of Government workers of Communist Party members proven fact my friend and is the worst state with regards to deficit and econ implosion. SO do not give me your rhetoric like you are even close to a cold war kid or family or even a person who studied economic warfare or the use of Das Capital for mono culture single party take over of the world.
Peggie S April 19, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Allan West NEVER called Ellison a communist-Solidad O'Brien did!!!!!!She was the ONLY person to bring his name up!!!Once again the liberal media reports lies to divide our country!!!The most divisive President in our history is obama!He is a liar,a traitor and should be tried for treason!!!!Soros should be beside him!After crashing Britain's economy to become a BILLIONAIRE he is now doing the same to America!!!!WAKE UP PEOPLE-ARE WE BETTER OFF NOW THAN WE WERE 4 YEARS AGO????


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