Editorial Urges Action to Stop Asian Carp from Reaching Fridley and Beyond

It's time for Congress to act to close the St. Anthony Falls locks, said the Star Tribune.

In an editorial Tuesday, the Star Tribune urged Congress to close the locks at St. Anthony Falls in Minneapolis to stop invasive Asian carp from reaching Fridley and points north:

Minnesota legislators and Gov. Mark Dayton deserve credit for moving aggressively at the state level to combat the carp. But congressional action is needed to take the strongest step possible to deter the invasion: closing the Upper St. Anthony lock near the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis.

The falls there have long been a natural, physical barrier to aquatic life moving upstream. But the lock's use likely allows carp to hitchhike in the water that moves recreational boaters and limited barge traffic from one segment of the river to another. Closing the lock would inconvenience some businesses, but this needs to be weighed against the 239,000 state jobs dependent on tourism. ...

Closing the lock isn't a panacea, but it's the most effective weapon available against this aquatic invader. Minnesota can't afford to wait to use it.

Scientists have found DNA evidence of Asian carp in the Mississippi River just upstream from Fridley near the Coon Rapids Dam (itself a potential barrier to carp migration). But it's not conclusive proof the invaders are here, and no one has seen or caught one in the area—yet.


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