Dispatches Series to Explore Changing American Dream

How has the economy affected you and how have you adjusted to it?

We're excited to inaugurate a new series for our Patch community: Dispatches: The Changing American Dream.

Every day, the media is full of stories about how American families, businesses and neighbors are adjusting to these trying times—whether it’s unemployment, the cost of education and healthcare, foreclosures, government budget cuts at all levels, the debate over raising taxes or the aging of America.

These issues are the subject of talk among politicians and the media, but they're more than just talk: They’re affecting the way many Fridley residents live, think and feel.

At Patch, we want to bring the discussion to a local level and better understand how our neighbors are adjusting to the challenges and opportunities that surround us.

We don't think there's one American Dream, but a multitude of American Dreams which a multitude of people are working toward. Looking out across nearly almost 900 Patch sites, we see businesses holding their breath deciding whether to expand; college graduates returning home because they can't find jobs; and senior citizens bringing boarders into their homes to help pay their bills. We also see bold new volunteer efforts, inspiring stories of local businesses that succeed because they innovated, and locals who've taken these trying times as a signal to engage more, not less, in their government.

At the purely local level, we want to know where Fridley neighbors fit along these fault lines.

On the national level, unemployment remains a major concern. Locally, we've seen Fridley's flagship Fortune 500 company, .

On the national and state levels, politicians talk about preparing our students to compete with their peers in other countries, while locally the  has adopted the International Baccalaurete program.

On the national level, people are concerned about the state of our infrastructure. Locally, Fridley saw a last month. 

Dispatches will be built upon the compelling vignettes and snapshots from all of our Patch sites.

We want your help: Tell us what issues and what stories in Fridley go to the heart of your American Dream.


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