PHOTOS: SUV Rams Utility Pole in Fridley

The Chevy Suburban left the pole damaged, 'dangling' by wires.

No one was hurt when a Chevy Suburban plowed into a utility pole at Seventh Street and 57th Avenue NE in Fridley Tuesday evening.

But the crash left the pole at the northeast corner of the intersection in bad shape—"hanging from the wires, danging," Fridley Police Sgt. Rick Cesare said. "It sheared [the pole] off."

One commenter at the Fridley Patch Facebook page observed at about 5:20 p.m. that the SUV also was "heavily damaged."

Another commenter said she "was having issues [with her utilities]."

Utility crews appeared to be preparing to make repairs at 8 p.m., more than two hours after the crash.

Pedestrians needed to give the damaged pole a wide berth, warned one utility worker surveying the scene.

Barricades blocked traffic on Seventh Street between Medtronic Parkway NE and 57th Avenue/57th Place NE.

It's a tough neighborhood for utility poles. Tuesday's crash occured almost a year to the day after an explosion at another utility pole about a block south on Seventh Street NE.


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