Sheared Utility Pole and Smashed Bus Shelter Replaced in Fridley

Just like new after vehicles left road and wrecked them.

The utility pole that got rammed by a Suburban and the bus shelter that got leveled in a one-vehicle spin-out are back in action in Fridley.

Both have been replaced: the pole at 57th Avenue and Seventh Street NE, and the bus shelter at 73rd and University avenues NE.

To clear up one point, a Comcast service interruption at about the same time the pole got hit was actually unrelated, Dave Nyberg of Comcast said by email:

After consulting with our field team, it appears the utility pole incident and service issues as described by the resident are unrelated. To confirm, we did indeed have vehicles on the scene of the utility pole incident after it occurred; our technicians confirmed no damage had been done to the Comcast network. The service issues experienced by the individual in the area coincidentally occurred at about the same time; we were experiencing a brief intermittent interruption with our On Demand service that was cleared after a relatively short period of time. The interruption would have impacted customers in that general area who may have been using our video on demand service at the time.


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