UPDATED: Spin-Out Smashes Bus Shelter at 73rd and University in Fridley

A one-vehicle accident took out the bus shelter at the southwest corner of the intersection. Three people in the vehicle went to the hospital.

Fridley has one fewer bus shelter after a vehicle spun out at 73rd and University avenues NE Saturday.

Fridley Police Sgt. Jim Mork said Sunday that all three people in the vehicle were transported to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

It was a one-vehicle crash, Mork said. The vehicle ended up in the ditch by the side of University Avenue, which is Minnesota Hwy. 47.

The cause of the crash, including why the driver lost control, is under investigation, Mork said.

The bus shelter at the southwest corner of the intersection was "really destroyed," Mork said. A crew from Metro Transit removed the debris and what was left of the shelter Saturday, he added.

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Anoka County Distpatch said the first report came in at 6:17 p.m. Fridley Police got the call a minute later and were on the scene almost immediately, Mork said.

"The bus waiting place is smashed," a passerby told Fridley Patch Saturday night, adding that police had the street "completely blocked off" near the scene. Another passerby reported seeing the clean up crew at work later in the evening.

Josh Davies December 02, 2012 at 07:09 PM
I was traveling southbound on University when I saw in my rearview mirror a vehicle swerving into the turn lane on Osborne and then back on to University. I was in the left lane where the Jeep Cherokee shot passed me on my right doing about 70 and then crossed in front of me to the turn lane on 73rd. The light was red and there's 2 lanes in this turn lane, 2 cars were waiting in the right lane. I said to my gf that the Cherokee was not going to be able to stop and just then the driver cranked the wheel to the right just missing the 2 cars in the turn lane, hopped a couple times and spun around slidding sideways with the rear end taking out the bus shelter. I immediately jumped out of my car and called 911, ran to the car where I could hear girls screaming. I first went to the drivers side but it was too dark and I couldn't see anyone. Myself and another passerby were able to fold the passenger door frame in half and get to the lady in the front seat, she was quite hysterical. The girl in the back, maybe 12-13 was also in shock. It wasn't until I look in the back seat that I aw the driver. he had been knocked out from the force of the accident and was sprawled beteen the center console with his head in the girls lap. He looked dead to me, but of course you don't mention that. So I ran back to the drivers side and someone said he was still breathing. The girl in the back mentioned that the guy has had heart problems in the past. Sounds like a heart attack.
Josh Davies December 02, 2012 at 07:10 PM
Cops were there in what felt like 60 seconds, very good response time. They pushed us aside, took reports from us and sent us on the way so they could pry into the Jeep


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