READ: Charges in Alleged Riverview Terrace Occupied Break-in

Police don't suspect Daniel James Gebhardt in other break-ins.

Here are the charges and narrative from the criminal complaint against Daniel James Gebhardt of Minneapolis (see below). 

Police and prosecutors say he broke into an occupied home on Riverview Terrace in Fridley north of and was there Sunday evening. Then when homeowners discovered him in a bedroom, according to the complaint, he escaped to their car but didn't get it started—and that's where police caught him.

The incident was the Fridley police issued Monday afternoon. Included in the crime alert are safety tips for residents to help prevent similar incidents—such as keeping all doors locked, including on garages.

Gebhardt is in the Anoka County Jail Tuesday and is expected to make his first court appearance later in the day, according to Fridley Police Lt. Mike Monsrud.

Monsrud said in an email that police do not currently suspect Gebhardt was involved with other break-ins in Fridley.

Charges and Narrative
From the criminal complaint, here is the narrative of the incident provided by police. The charges are one count each of first-degree burglary and tampering with a motor vehicle (entering without permission).

On January 22, 2012, officers were dispatched to [6400 block of Riverview Terrace NE] in the City of Fridley, County of Anoka, State of Minnesota on a burglary report.

Upon arrival, officers observed the overhead door was open on the attached garage. While approaching the garage, officers observed a male sitting in the driver seat of a car. The male was later identified as Daniel James Gebhardt, DOB 06/10/1986, ("defendant"). Officers issued orders for the defendant [to] show his hands, but he did not. Defendant began to dig frantically around the vehicle. Defendant reached for the vehicle ignition and appeared to be trying to start the vehicle. Defendant continued to frantically grab around the vehicle, and attempted to put the vehicle in gear. Officers attempted to open the vehicle door, but it was locked. After officers observed two attempts to start the vehicle, they observed the keys did not appear to be in the ignition. The homeowner provided officers with the keys.

Officers attempted to unlock the door twice with the key for ... the vehicle, but defendant would open the door abruptly, quickly shut it and lock it. Officers were later able to open the doors and apprehend the defendant.

In speaking with the homeowners ... officers learned that [they] had returned home after being away for the weekend. [One of the homeowners] found the defendant inside the home. Defendant was holding the office door shut, which [the homeowner] forced open. Defendant was found laying face down on the floor without shoes or socks. [The homeowner] attempted to force the male [defendant] out of the house, but he went to the garage and would not vacate the property. Both [homeowners] stated the defendant did not have permission to be in the home or in the car. [One of the homeowners] stated that he had accidentally left the garage door open, and that defendant probably entered the door between the attached garage and the home without their knowledge.


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