Q&A: Fire at Fridley Legion? Truck-SUV Crash on East River Road?

Here's what happened at a couple incidents passersby in Fridley noticed.

Fridley folks see things all the time and share tips with or ask questions of Patch. That's how posts about a sheared utility pole and smashed bus shelter this week came to be. Here are a couple more:

This question came into Fridley Patch on Twitter, with Fridley Police Lt. Mike Monsrud's email answer:

Any info on the accident Tuesday a.m. on East River Road by River Boat Food & Fuel at 79th? It was nasty ... semi vs SUV.

On December 4, 2012 at 8:44 AM Fridley Police were dispatched to the area of E River Rd and 79th Way on a report of a personal injury crash. Upon arrival officers located an crash involving a SUV and a Semi Truck. The driver and a passenger in the SUV were transported to Unity hospital for treatment, but appear to have non live threatening injuries. MN State Patrol Commercial vehicle inspector responded to the scene and conducted a safety inspection on the Semi Truck, which is standard procedure for any Semi Truck involved in a personal injury accident. The Semi Truck driver was not injured in the crash. The case remains under investigation by the Fridley Police Department.

Here's what friend at Fridley Patch's Facebook page asked, with Fridley Fire Chief John Berg's answer: 

What was going on Monday when a Fridley firefighter was on the roof of the American Legion building?

Staff at the Legion began smelling a smoke odor about 4:30 in the afternoon. A little after 6 pm the fire department was requested to respond. Firefighters could smell an odor that smelled like burning wood. It was the strongest inside the vestibule at the front entrance. At one point smoke appeared to be coming out around a recessed light in the ceiling. Firefighters could not detect any heat with a thermal imager but they were able to detect Carbon Monoxide above the ceiling in that area indicating that something was or had been burning. Building construction in that area made it difficult to access with two separate void spaces above the ceiling. After almost two hours of searching the condition appeared to go away. Firefighters left Legion staff to monitor the building and report any changes. The fire department was not called back.     

If you see something you wonder about around town, or that you think other people would like to know about:


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