Fruitless Fridley Search for 'Guy with Rifle' Spooks Mom at School Bus Stop

After Newtown school shootings, it 'scared me to my bones.'

A resident of the Springbrook Apartments in Fridley said the week got of to a scary start Monday morning when police with rifles drawn said to get back inside as she walked her child to the school bus stop.

Fridley Police Lt. Mike Monsrud said that at about 8:51 a.m. Monday, officers were dispatched to the Springbrook Apartments, 191 83rd Ave. NE "on a report of a guy walking around with a rifle."

Police checked the area where people said the person with the rifle had gone, including between the complex's 191 83rd Ave. and 101 83rd Ave. buildings, Monsrud said. But they didn't find a gunman or even any sign of him, he said, such as tracks in the snow.

"That's why there were so many [police] up there with long guns out," Monsrud said.

Springbrook Apartments resident Lisa Koopman described her experience at the Fridley Patch Facebook page. She was taking her daughter to meet the school bus to Park Terrace Elementary School that comes just before 9 a.m. First two squad cars pulled up, then many more arrived. Officers carrying rifles told her it was not safe and to go back inside. She continued:

Oh my gosh... Not a good way to start my week. I told a few other mothers but they put their kids on the bus anyways. I was not going to risk it. I called the office and helped out another little girl who did not get on the bus down to the apartment office to call her mother. ... How scary is that?

Koopman said the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT was on her mind:

After what happened [Friday in Connecticut] ... Scared me to my bones... Then to walk home to the back of the complex with my 7 year old, not knowing what was going on...

Not every parent had the same response, she said:

There were 3-4 other mothers. I warned one heading to it, and she still went. They even got out of their vehicles and put [their] kids on the bus. Stood out there and yelled down the block if I wanted them to drive my daughter to school.

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bob December 17, 2012 at 05:52 PM
What is this damn world coming to but what does it matter any more like the goverment does


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