Police Nab Shoplifting Suspect near Target

Reader wondered what was behind an intense scene Sunday.

Many cases of alleged shoplifting in Fridley are settled quietly with store security calling police and suspects getting cited and released.It was different at Fridley's northern border Sunday, as Fridley Patch reader Sue reported by email:

My family and I were driving to dinner at approx. 5:20 p.m. tonight at the intersection of 85th Ave and Springbrook Drive. Right near where Red Lobster/Target etc. intersect. A mini-van was stopped at the light too - and as the light went green - police cars from everywhere came and surrounded the van with guns drawn. There were approx. 8-9 police cars. We for sure saw the city of Spring Lake Park, Blaine and Fridley. Can't be certain if Coon Rapids police were there too. But considering the quick arrival of the police cars from all directions - blocking the whole intersection - it's  like they knew or were waiting for this van. It was so scary for our kids who were watching.

Fridley Police Lt. Mike Monsrud said, also by email, that it all started with an alleged shoplifting incident at the :

We did assist Coon Rapids PD with a male who had just shoplifted at the Target store and then left in a stolen auto. We just assisted in the stop of the suspect and made sure Coon Rapids PD got him onto custody!

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