Players Brawl at Totino-Grace Soccer Game in Maple Grove

Maple Grove Police are investigating after fighting broke out at the end of the sectional game between Totino-Grace High School and Prairie Seeds Academy at Maple Grove High School, according to media reports.

Fists flew Thursday at the end of the sectional title match at Maple Grove High School between the Totino-Grace High School and Prairie Seeds Academy boys soccer teams. 

Suspensions and criminal charges are possible, according to the Star Tribune, with the Maple Grove Police Department investigating the incident. 

The Minnesota State High School League is also investigating, according to Channel 12, and expects to conclude its investigation on Monday. 

One Totino-Grace player received stitches for an injury from a punch, Channel 12 reported. 

Channel 12 reporter Jay Wilcox said it was the worst fight he has seen in 25 years of covering high school sports. The fighting also involved coaching staff and people on the sidelines, Wilcox said.  

Prairie Seeds Academy won the game 2-1 after the team broke a 1-1 tie with less than three minutes left to play. Prairie Seeds will play Marshall School of Duluth on Friday in the opening round of the state tournament, according to the Star Tribune. 

Michael k October 23, 2012 at 11:46 PM
The behavior of two Prairie Seeds Academy players in particular was deplorable. Number 10, who instigated the brawl and the goaltender who sucker punched an adult and kicked someone who was on the ground, should both be kicked off the team immediately by the coach. It will be a shame if the coach allows either to play in the state tournament. Participation in athletics is a privilege and those two players are not worthy of that privilege.
Wendy October 24, 2012 at 05:49 AM
Let's think about this. Why on earth would a Prairie Seeds player instigate a brawl when they had just won the game?? Check your facts. The brawl resulted from the poor sportsmanship of a Totino-Grace player. The Prairie Seeds players reacted to what they perceived to be a disgruntled shove from a Totino-Grace player. Unfortunately, the fight or flight mentality of teenage boys took over and things got out of control. I'm tired of the media portraying Prairie Seeds as the villains. Buck up, Totino-Grace. Stop playing the victim when you instigated this brawl. Prairie Seeds has an outstanding soccer program and jealously continues to cause otherwise intelligent people to act like complete idiots.


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