Make It Stop! Neighbor's Bathroom Noise Too Much: Fridley Police Blotter

Apartment dweller told officer sound from unit below keeps him awake.

The resident of an apartment in the 6500 block of East River Road called Fridley police Sept. 10 to report an incessant noise from his downstairs neighbor that won't let him sleep. He blamed a bathroom fan that's never off and said he'd tried to talk to the neighbor and had lodged a complaint with the apartment's management. The responding officer tried to contact the neighbor but could not hear any noise and told the caller there wasn't much police could do.

Here are more incidents selected from the Fridley Police Department's weekly summaries:

Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012

  • 10:49 a.m.: Customers at a garage sale were parking in front of neighbors' mailboxes, in violation of city ordinance. The resident running the sale told an officer she would not let anyone block her neighbors' mailboxes with their parked vehicles.
  • 11:08 a.m.: Police issued an alert for the boyfriend of a female in the 6300 block of Fifth Street NE who had assaulted her and stolen her phone to prevent her from calling 911 then left in her vehicle. (A neighbor called police.)
  • 12:41 p.m.: Police responded to a report of a foul odor coming from an apartment in the 5400 block of Seventh Street NE and advised the tenant to avoid causing future calls.
  • 5:38 p.m.: Someone passed a fake $20 bill at the Holiday station, 5695 Hackmann Ave. NE. 
  • 7:05 p.m.: A caller said a male tried to open her locked front door then walked through her backyard after she asked him what he was doing. Police checked the area but didn't find the suspicious person.

Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012

  • 12:45 a.m. Police responded to a report of a male down in the grass in the 7300 block of W. University Service Drive NE. The male sat up and talked to officers but appeared intoxicated. Police took him home to his nearby address.
  • 12:59 a.m.: A report of possible gunshots near the 600 block of Glencoe Street NE appeared to have been fireworks instead. 
  • 12:14 p.m.: An officer responded to a report of a vehicle hitting a female in a parking lot in the 8400 block of University Avenue NE. She said her arm was sore but refused medical assistance.
  • 1:06 p.m.: Police found a juvenile male riding a bike stolen from the 8200 block of University Avenue NE. The caller declined to press charges.
  • 2:52 p.m.: CVS Pharmacy reported receiving a counterfeit prescription by fax. The suspect never came to the store to pick it up.
  • 4:19 p.m.: Police checked on the welfare of a caller in the 600 block of Glencoe Street NE who said he dog needs X-rays that he can't afford.
  • 4:19 p.m.: An officer responded to a report of a male who parked his car near Second Street NE and 61st Avenue NE and left the area on foot. The male told police he was meeting a female he had met on the internet. Police told him to leave the area and warned him about the dangers of meeting strange women on the internet. 
  • 5:57 p.m.: Police reprimanded juveniles who had been throwing rocks at a home in the 6300 block of Seventh Street NE.

Monday, Sept. 10, 2012

  • 12:16 p.m.: Police could not hear voices that a resident reported hearing in her backyard in the 6100 block of Trininty Drive NE, or in neighboring backyards. 
  • 12:44 p.m.: A neighbor with a history of odd behavior followed a caller into her garage in the 6200 block of Rainbow Drive NE.
  • 4:03 p.m. Police picked up and impounded a contained cat from the 6400 block of Fifth Street NE that has been a stray for two years. 
  • 6:42 p.m.: An employee at Lofthouse Bakery, 7350 Commerce Lane NE, reported receiving odd calls on his work cell phone.
  • 9:10 p.m.: A caller reported a broken glass patio door in the 1400 block of Trollhagen Drive NE.
Katheryn September 30, 2012 at 05:03 PM
Tell does this sound familiar, I have provided a link to a story on the Temecula Patch. Please read the story and watch the video in the story. Add this to all your facebook accounts, get the word out. http://temecula.patch.com/articles/citizen-reader-shares-mining-sounds


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