Fridley Woman Visits Dakota County Jail Inmate Via Video

Anoka County isn't among counties considering the system.

A Fridley woman uses a video system to virtually visit her fiancé in the Dakota County Jail, according to the Star Tribune.

A system that is something like Skype lets Michelle Stroman place a video call from her computer at home in Fridley to Brad Kraemer, who is behind bars in Hastings, the newspaper reported. 

"It's a lot more convenient" than driving 40 miles and back to Hastings, Stroman told the Star Tribune.

Dakota County is the first in the state to use TurnKey Corrections' InmateCanteen.com, according to the report, but several others are considering it.

Not Anoka County, though, for now.

"We have no plans to implement this at any time in the forseeable future,"  Cmdr. Paul Sommer of the Anoka County Sheriff's Office said by email Wednesday.

Anoka County has provisions for telephone calls with inmates and in-person visits with jail inmates.




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