Fridley Police Give Description of Man They Suspect of Burglary on Rice Creek Terrace

He threatened to shoot residents who confronted him, they said.

The Fridley Police Department are asking for help from anyone with information about a man they suspect of who confronted him.

The April 13, 2012, incident was the subject of a crime alert from Fridley police that included safety tips about making your home a less convenient target for thieves. (.)

But a commenter at the Fridley Patch Facebook page noticed something that wasn't in the Crime Alert:

If the residents confronted the burglar, where's the description?

Fridley Police Lt. Mike Monsrud filled in the blanks by email Wednesday:

The suspect is a white male about 35 years old, dark complexion. He was wearing a black jacket with lime green sides. He was last seen leaving the area in a black Volkswagen passenger car possible MN plates containing the letters DDY. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Det. Zak Chlebeck at 763-572-3641.



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