Fridley Police Assisted with Incident in Spring Lake Park

Fridley officers helped evacuate residents near a gas-leak threat.

Several people asked at the Fridley Patch Facebook page about a police incident in the neighborhood north of in Spring Lake Park on Thursday evening.

Here is how Fridley Police Capt. Bob Rewitzer explained the incident in an email Friday afternoon:

We did assist Spring Lake Park Police on a call involving a disturbance at a residence in the 8000 block of Terrace Road on March 8th. Fridley police officers were called to assist at 8:25 pm and cleared the assist at 10:40 pm. It was reported that someone inside the residence had cut the gas line and officers could smell natural gas as they approached the house. It is my understanding that at least one occupant of the house was uncooperative in responding to police or leaving the house. Fridley officers assisted in evacuating nearby homes due to the natural gas issue and also assisted by maintaining a perimeter around the house until they were replaced by SWAT personnel. It is my understanding that a suspect was taken into custody by SWAT personnel. Capt. Weierke received a phone call today from a Spring Lake Park resident who was very complimentary of how one of our police officers handled the evacuation of their home and calmed the fears of their child.


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