Fridley Crime Alert: GMC Yukon Gone, Horizon Dr. Home Burglarized

Two flat-screen TVs among missing items after daytime break-in, police say.

A burglar or burglars took a GMC Yukon out of the garage and two flat-screen televisions and other electronics from a home in the 5500 block of Horizon Drive NE sometime between 10 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday, according to a crime alert from the Fridley Police Department (see above).

According to the alert, residents returned home to find the garage doors open, their Yukon gone, and their home thoroughly gone-through. Besides electronics, women's clothing, baby gifts and jewelry are missing, police said in the alert.

The thief or thieves appear to have gained entry to the house by forcing open patio doors, damaging the door and frame in the process.

The home is about a block west of and just southeast of I-694 and Main Street NE in Fridley.

The Fridley Police Department has not arrested anyone and is working to solve the crime, the alert said. Call 9-1-1 with any information that may aid the investigation.

Included in the alert are safety tips for making your home secure and inconvenient to thieves. One idea: keep an inventory of everything you own with Operation Inventory.

If you are home and think someone may be trying to gain entry to your house, call 9-1-1 immediately. If you arrive home and suspect an intruder may be there, leave immediately and call 9-1-1 from a neighbor's.


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