Blog Posts: 'Waiting for Erin Brockovich' and 'Cancer Comes to Fridley'

M. Meisner raised questions in April and May that generated responses from others.

Fridley Patch blogger M. Meisner has taken up the topic of cancer concerns in Fridley in two posts: and . Together they prompted nearly 60 comments.

From Cancer Comes to Fridley:

"The momentum has been established.  Cancer in Fridley is here, and it’s not going away.  We now collectively have a lot of power, but what will we choose to do with it?"

From Waiting for Erin Brockovich:

"Most likely, the answers Erin will be able to provide when she comes to town will merely be the gateway to more questions. What triggers cancer in people continues to be a medical mystery. A blend of environmental exposure, individual genetic make-up, and lifestyle choices create almost incalculable variations."


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