Wednesday Is Deadline for Public Comment on FMC Site Study Document

Pollution on Fridley Superfund site at issue in redevelopment, as KARE 11 reported Tuesday.

Wednesday is the deadline for public comment on an environmental study of the former FMC site on East River Road in Fridley, where BAE Systems is located.

A planned redevelopment there, announced 11 months ago, was the subject of a KARE 11 report Tuesday night.

The project would convert a Superfund site into new industrial, office and even retail uses.

In an email earlier this month, City of Fridley's Community Development Director Scott Hickok said FMC is the biggest single industrially-zoned site up for redevelopment in Minnesota. "It is 122 acres, with 1.6 to 1.8 million square feet of proposed future development to replace the 2 million square feet of building that exists," according to Hickok.

Hickok also praised the project's prime location in the KARE 11 report:

"Rarely do you get this large of development this beautifully placed. It is as well placed as any development could be," said Scott Hickok, Fridley Community Development Director. ...

"There's a part of the site that isn't even developable because it's just too polluted," said Jenny Petersen, of Fridley.

Petersen is concerned about the safety of the location, specifically a portion that cannot be cleaned, which city officials say is about 200 yards away and is contained.

"Maybe it can be done safely, but I think it's being rushed a little bit too much," she said of the proposed development.

See the full KARE 11 report

See the Draft Alternative Urban Area-wide Review (AUAR) Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) Scoping Document


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