Sikhs Have Made Fridley Home

Deadly attack in Wisconsin thrusts community into the headlines.

The , where at least seven people are dead and many wounded, has thrust into the headlines a religious community that is less well-known than some—although the north metro has been home for many Sikhs in Minnesota.

The Sikh Society of Minnesota has had a long history in Fridley. Until last year it had a home in a former McDonald's at 5831 University Ave. NE and has since sought to build a new building at 5350 Monroe St. NE, renewing a special permit as recently as January 2011 while raising funds.

If you have a connection with the local Sikh community and would be willing to comment on Fridley ties or the tragedy in Wisconsin, please contact Fridley Patch editor Chris Steller at chris.steller@patch.com or 763-218-8319, or leave a comment below.

More on the shootings in Oak Creek from Oak Creek Patch:


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I am a SIKH, who moved from Cedar Rapids, IA in 2005. I have been going to the Gurudwara in Fridley since I came here and until it moved to the new location in Bloomington. We loved the Fridley location, we knew it was small but it felt very good there, but finally we had to move since our community was growing and we needed a bigger place. I, my wife and my son, go to the Gurudwara every Friday evening and Sunday morning in Bloomington. Infact, it is my son who starts the Kirtan (Singing praises of our Gurus) on Friday, he sings and plays the Harmonium, I have started learning the musical instrument called Tabla to be next to him when he does Kirtan. At the end we have "Langar" ie. Open Kitchen where we serve Free Food to anyone who comes in to our Gurudwara. Who can be rich, poor or any color or creed you will be sitting next to someone whom you dont even know and you will be served food both on Friday evening and Sunday morning. Friday timings : 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm Sunday 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Lastly have to say I have ties with the Oak Creek Gurudwara in WI, I with my wife an d my son have been going to that Gurudwara once a year in August. I have informed my Manager (before the shooting happened) that I need a vacation on Aug 24th, since we will be there in that very Gurudwara that weekend. I can only say the gathering on that weekend would be 4 - 5 times then normal.


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