RAW VIDEO: Erin Brockovich Mingles before Her Fridley Town Hall Meeting

She spent more than an hour hanging in the hallway at Fridley High School outside the District 14 Auditorium—with reporters at first but mostly with anyone who approached her.

Here are four video clips of Erin Brockovich's visit to on June 27, 2012, presented here in raw, unedited form.

These clips, made by iPhone, came from the the hour or so before inside the District 14 Auditorium. Fridley Patch streamed the hallway interactions live online, by way of Ustream and the school's wifi.

(See also archived videos from Fridley Patch's and —including and .)

In the hallway outside the auditorium, Brockovich talked first to the press and then to everyone who came over to get a photo with her, tell her stories of pollution and family illness, or ask her to sign a copy of the Erin Brockovich movie video.


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