Fridley's Locke Lake: Path Still Closed, Corn Still There

Two TV stations returned to site of BNSF Railway derailment Friday.

Two legacies of last year's train derailment in Fridley—soggy corn and a closed path—brought TV news crews back to Locke Lake for reports that aired Friday. 

KARE11 concentrated on the corn remaining in the water even after BNSF Railway spent months removing the tons that spilled when a train derailed at a bridge over Rice Creek on Saturday morning, July 16, 2011. 

The corn became especially stinky after this week's rains, neighbor Heidi Ferris told KARE11: "It smelled pretty rotten, like a dead animal." 

KSTP-TV focused on the path that is still closed where the railroad rebuilt its bridge at . Cleanup and reconstruction work have delayed the path's reopening, the report said, citing Anoka County Parks, but construction work set to start in June should allow the path to reopen by August. (That's a year since KSTP's first report on cleanup delays.)

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