Fridley Mayor: EPA Citizens Superfund-Sites Group 'Long Overdue'

He credited the Fridley Cancer Cluster group on Facebook for "postive outcome' of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency forming advisory group on polluted sites.

Fridley Mayor Scott Lund joined local voices responding to news the the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is forming a Citizens Advisory Group on polluted Superfund sites in the city.

Mayor Lund's reaction, by email Thursday (link added):

I think it is great! And long overdue as it is one of the mandates and requirements of the EPA to inform the public.

Involving citizens and creating an open form will go a long way to inform citizens especially on an important topic that has been on many peoples minds of late.

This is another positive outcome undoubtedly of the facebook cancer cluster. Their voice is being heard.

Another elected official, state Rep.-elect Connie Bernardy, told Minnesota Public Radio:

It seemed like there was a lot of frustration in our community and that people wanted information, and this is a vehicle in which to help the community have a voice.

More of Mayor Lund's opinions on public-health and pollution concerns in Fridley are on short video clips (click on thumbnail images to watch).


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