'LOVE' in the Sand: Fridley Flood-preparation Sandbag Stations Mostly Quiet

In the first two days of Fridley's Flood Fighting Material Assistance Program, three residents picked up empty sandbags and one sandbagging station showed signs of use.

Three Fridley property owners picked up free sandbags in the first couple days of the city's .

Each took the maximum 100 bags, according to Wendy Hiatt at the front desk of the Fridley Public Works building, 400 71st Ave. NE., where empty bags are available on weekdays, 7 a.m.–3 p.m., to property owners with ID.

The City of Fridley has set up public sandbag filling stations at five sites where people can fill sandbags:

  • Ironton Street/Ashton Avenue
  • Glencoe Park
  • Columbia Arena
  • 66th Avenue (west of Seventh Street)
  • Hartman Circle/Manomin Park

As of Monday afternoon, the stations seemed to have been left mostly undisturbed over the program's first two days. Only the Hartman/Circle/Manomin Park station appeared to have been use—although at the Columbia Arena station, someone had written "LOVE" in the sand pile.

Neighborly love may prove useful as Fridley braces for flooding that could rival the levels seen in 1997 or even 1965. Public Works Director Jim Kosluchar said he anticipates an update from the National Weather Service on Thursday, which may take into account the rain and snow falling in the region today.

Might rain spur more activity at sandbag filling stations? Perhaps, Kosluchar said, adding that sandbagging isn't easy, especially for one person alone. "It's a big effort" that can require preparation in itself, he said—simply to coordinate needed assistance from relatives and friends. "It's a significant amount of work."

The City of Fridley is maintaining several flood-preparation web pages with current information:


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