Exercise Your Independence: Blog at Patch

A blog spot is open to anyone to try at Fridley Patch.

It's a holiday week but Fridley Patch bloggers have been posting away—and you could join them in the Local Voices section. It's as simple as clicking on the "Want to Blog at Patch?" button.

Anything goes—a photo or video can be a blog post, or a YouTube you'd like to point out, or some tips you'd like to share from any area of expertise you have. You can start a blog just to post one time, or post several times a week. It's up to you.

Here are five recent posts from bloggers at Fridley Patch:

  • by M. Meisner
  • and by Stacy Bender
  • by Chris Fields
  • by Julie McMonigal

If they can do it, so can you. Ask local editor Chris Steller about it if you have any questions: email chris.steller@patch.com or call 763-218-8319. Start your Fridley Patch blog today!


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