Controversial Pastor Cites Former Fridley Businessman in State House Prayer

Who is the Fridley man Bradlee Dean mentioned?

There was a controversial do-over of the morning prayer at the Minnesota House of Representatives Friday, and Fridley played a small part. 

The first prayer came from Bradlee Dean, leader of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International who has made numerous anti-gay statements. His appearance prompted an uproar as House members awaited a vote on a controversial .

At Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers' direction, the regular House chaplain delivered a new prayer and House members repeated the Pledge of Allegiance. Zellers apologized and said he wouldn't allow anyone like Dean to lead a House prayer again. 

But to get to Fridley's footnote to the affair:  Before Dean delivered his prayer, he told the story of a Fridley businessman:

And if I can give a small preface to my prayer so my prayer has meaning. I remember as a young man, I had a friend who founded a company in Fridley, Minnesota. This man built this company from the ground up as he blueprinted everything in great detail. He put his sweat, tears, everything into it to establish the company. Nobody understood what sacrifice he put into his company except them that helped him along. The company grew in such a proportion that he could now sell the company and he did. On the sale of his company, the buyers agreed to keep him on to run the company for them, and in the process the company sold, and when it was sold, the buyers went against the contract and fired the founder. How foolish could they be? They thought that once they had control of the company they could run it their own way and still prosper, and they failed miserably. It sounds much like America today. ...

(: Dean went on to talk about the U.S. Constitution and in his prayer seemed to question President Obama's Christianity.)

A person who answered the phone at You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International Friday said that Dean wouldn't say who his Fridley friend was. Do you have any idea about the identity of the Fridley businessman or the name of the business? 


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