Old Fridley Friends' Record Business Puts Out Classic

Secret Stash Records wins praise for reissue of Mickey Murray music.

Eric Foss and Cory Wong's Secret Stash Records hasn't been much of a secret lately.

The boyhood pals from Fridley, who co-founded Secret Stash in Minneapolis in 2009, have made headlines in the past week for their vinyl reissue of People Are Together, a forgotten '60s soul classic by Mickey Murray, who performed at the record release party last Saturday.

Breathing new life into old LPs is what it's all about for the old Fridley friends, according to City Pages:

There are vinyl fanatics, and then there are Secret Stash Records founders Eric Foss and Cory Wong. The two have turned their passion for all things vinyl into a living, leaving behind rather unsatisfying work for other labels to found their own in Minneapolis in 2009. Secret Stash, in Uptown on West Lake Street, focuses on releasing terrific, often underappreciated or long-forgotten music in stylish, collectible LP packages.

Secret Stash's output reaches around the globe, from Peru to Ghana, but Foss told the Star Tribune the roots of the company are local:

"We live in a town that puts a great amount of value on records and the arts in general, whatever their mass appeal might be. ... We're definitely a product of our environment."


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