UPDATED (AGAIN): All 7 Fact Sheets on Fridley Superfund Sites from MN Pollution Control Agency

The MPCA acted in response to community pollution and cancer concerns.

Updated (10 a.m. Friday): Fact sheets on the and Boise Cascade/Onan Corp./Medtronics Inc. Superfund sites from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency are now available for reading online here and available for downloading at MPCA website.

Updated (11:30 a.m. Thursday): The Fridley Commons Park Wellfield Superfund Site fact sheet is now available for reading online here (see PDF) and for downloading at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website.

Original post (2 p.m. Wednesday): The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency posted new fact sheets about Superfund sites in Fridley on its website Wednesday.

Four new factsheets are online already, with three more to be posted as soon as Thursday, according to MPCA Public Information Officer Sam Brungardt.

"We felt it was really important to get this information out there," Brungardt said, citing recent public interest in the city's polluted sites and concerns about Fridley's elevated incidence of cancer—the focus of the Fridley Cancer Cluster group on Facebook.

"Some people may have unwarranted concerns [about Superfund sites in Fridley]" he said. "We do want them to know we everything that we know about them."

Fact sheets (ranging from three to five pages in length) posted at the MPCA website as of Wednesday afternoon are:

You can read them online here at Fridley Patch (see PDF thumbnails). Or go to the MPCA website for downloading.

The fact sheets to be posted as soon as Thursday are:

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Wendy Olson May 02, 2012 at 08:43 PM
What jumps out at me here is the fact of public meetings/notifications at each step in the process, contrary to claims that Fridley residents were not notified of the sites.
George Linngren May 03, 2012 at 03:36 AM
well just because THEY didn't see it or hear about it means They must have never been informed.
Concerned Resident May 03, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Provide documentation from a public forum like a newspaper that shows people were informed of the poor water back in the 80's or the superfund sites please.
G San July 13, 2012 at 09:09 AM
A past victim of the MDH, MPCA and deep pocket industry: Revised spelling This type of thing is common for the MDH & MPCA. As soon as people start to stand up for there lives, the MDH & MPCA cover there butts, and the butts of there deep pocket friends. I‘ve seen it over and over again in the past 20 years, soon the harassment will set in. The first thing the people of Minnesota need to do is get rid of John Stine the new Commissioner of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and Several people at the Environmental Surveillance and Assessment Section within the Minnesota Department of Health Division of Environmental. Next we need to get new State Epidemiologist’s and new Department of Health Commissioners. There are several people in these two departments/agencies that have not done there job for years, but they continue to go up in rank. We need to replace these people with people who care about the health risks associated with pollution in our water, air, and land. If cigarettes are causing all the illnesses in this country, then why are cigarettes not illegal, but for using cigarettes to cover up all the illnesses. Besides, the same chemicals in cigarettes are in industry waste if they can prove cigarettes cause these illnesses then they can prove contaminated water, air and land can cause these same illnesses. Do your Job


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