Frugal Fridley Family: Concept 2 Bakeries/Lofthouse Factory Outlet

Comment below: Have you seen these bargain prices on Artisan bread and cookies?

Tucked away in a small space on the north side of the C2B/Lofthouse Factory at 7350 Commerce Lane in Fridley (formerly Totino's/McGlynn's) is a hidden gem for Frugal Fridley families: The Lofthouse Bakery Outlet.

If you've ever spent close to $5 a loaf for Panne Provincial Artisan Bread, such as their Kalamata olive rosemary or roasted garlic with huge cloves baked in it, chances are it arrived at that store par-baked from the C2B factory. 

Six days a week, right here in your own backyard, you have a chance to purchase that same bread at a bargain price.

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Overruns and Seconds
The majority of the loaves available are factory overruns, and occasionally misshaped seconds. 

Full size loaves are $1 each or three for $2.50. Smaller loaves cost 50 cents each; rolls are 10 cents each.

There are usually 10 or so different varieties for sale. You never know what you may find there. 

Besides the popular par-baked bread loaves, Earl of Sandwich sliced bread such as rye, pumpernickel, and whole grain can be found there at the same price. 

"We have regular customers who are here every day," said Neal Martell, a five-year veteran employee of the store. "They know that the best time to get here is right away when we open for the best selection.

"Some bread we have larger quantities of, some we don't. It depends on what orders the factory had," he said. "The sliced bread is very popular and can be sold out before noon."

Here Comes a Regular
Harold Splettstoeszer of Shakopee used to live in Spring Lake Park and now makes the trip to Fridley once a week to pick up bread.

"I've been shopping here since it was McGlynn's," he said. "Now I buy it to give away"—usually to the nurses caring for his handicapped wife.

"They love the bread and I think they give her extra special care because of it," he said with a wink.

Cookies Too
Lofthouse Cookies
 are also available, along with frozen items such as baking-powder biscuits and cookie dough.

Occasionally they have a truckload sale with whole available at an even better bargain price.

Where do you buy bread? Leave a comment below.

The Lofthouse Outlet Store can be found at 7350 Commerce Lane and is open Monday 8 a.m.-3 p.m.; Tuesday through Friday 8 a.m.-6 p.m.; and Saturday 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Cash or checks only; no debit or credit cards accepted.

Dave McCoy October 13, 2011 at 04:49 AM
My wife and I went there once and it is a great place to get good bread. Thanks for this article - I had forgotten about it.


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