Cummins Power Generation Comes Out Against MN Marriage Amendment

"The Marriage Amendment runs counter to what ... what Cummins values," statement says.

Minnesotans United for All Families released a statement Sunday from Fridley-based Cummins Power Generation opposing the marriage amendment to the Minnesota Constitution that voters will decide Tuesday. 

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Here is the text of the Cummins statement (or see PDF): 

Minnesota Marriage Amendment 

October 18, 2012  

At Cummins, diversity is a core company value. Diversity means our individual differences never have to be checked at the door. The leadership at Cummins has long argued that diversity creates a stronger and more competitive work environment, and ultimately helps us attract and retain top talent.  

We have a history of standing up for what is right, even in the face of adversity. Our leaders championed the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s, we stood up against Apartheid in the 1980’s and in 2000, due in large part to feedback from our Minnesota employees, Cummins began offering domestic partner benefits, despite opposition. Simply put, Cummins strives to ensure all individuals are treated with dignity and respect. 

However, here in the state where we work and live, a battle to stifle diversity continues to be waged. SF 1308, which is commonly reffered to as the Marriage Amendment, is on the ballot in the form of a referendum this November. This amendment to the Minnesota Constitution would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman only. Current polling in Minnesota indicates that the vote on the Marriage Amendment will be very close, and could go either way. 

Cummins strongly believes this amendment is bad for Minnesota, and Cummins is playing a key role among Minnesota businesses to defeat this amendment. The Marriage Amendment will negatively impact business in Minnesota by sending a message of intolerance and lack of respect for people of diverse backgrounds. Cummins understands that embracing the diverse perspectives of all people with different backgrounds makes our company stronger and more competitive.  

Minnesota has traditionally been a good place for Cummins to do business. We expect our impact on Minnesota’s economy will grow as we add high-paying jobs to the job market in the future. However, the marriage amendment will create a less welcoming environment making it more difficult for companies like ours to attract and retain the top talent we need. Cummins wants to grow in Minnesota. Cummins wants an environment that respects all people. Cummins wants people to come to Cummins and to Minnesota because of our values and because of our welcoming communities. The Marriage Amendment runs counter to what people deserve and what Cummins values.   

For these important reasons, Cummins is firmly opposed to the  Marriage Amendment.  


Tony Satterthwaite,  

Vice President, Cummins Inc.  

President, Cummins Power Generation, a division of Cummins Inc., based in Minnesota employing nearly 2,000 people in the state. 




US Patriot November 08, 2012 at 11:37 PM
Dear MN voter - Thank you for the satisfaction of insulting you. Given that Tony brought his personal views to print via the media - that is where Tony will receive his rebuttal response. Just as senior executives choose to impose their values on all others via their corporate policies designed so as to appease the Gay-Lesbian-Transgender-BiSexual community, I will impose mine right back with one difference - they can exercise their right of reprisal. Depending on your perspective - we don't have the luxury or burden of union handlers to fend off such attacks on our personal beliefs.
Patricia December 31, 2012 at 08:55 AM
If Cummins would like to keep their customers as diverse as their beliefs, I suggest they keep their opinions to themselves. They do NOT speak for everyone.
Patricia December 31, 2012 at 09:18 AM
Aren't the left trying to legislate with their beliefs? I don't care who my co-workers are in bed with, but I would not respect my employer making a statement of what the company stood for. Just whose belief system is it? The owner? The president? Who makes that decision? Divorce was brought up in a post. Oh sure, the couple may be happier for it, but what about the outcome of the children and how it affects them? I would like to know the same about the children of gay parents? At my place of work which has quite a diversity of employees, the college-age that have been adopted and are struggling with never having known their biological parents, is unbelievably high. They are struggling with dependencies and their hearts and souls because of this, and I fear the same to become of the children of gay marriages. Once again, I think it's another issue where we are selfishly thinking of ourselves, and not how it may affect our society further down the line.
Patricia December 31, 2012 at 09:33 AM
Rebecca, you appear to be no more tolerant than you accuse Christians of being. You also say "most fundamental Christians only get their information from other fundamental Christians", but I would venture to guess that most atheists and agnostics get most of their information from.....atheists and agnostics. One day we will all find out just who was right on this topic, once and for all. As for me...I'd rather live my life like there was a Jesus and one day find out I was wrong, than to live my life like there was no Jesus, and one day find out there was.
Patricia December 31, 2012 at 09:47 AM
How true, US Patriot. The left speak of the right and Christians as choosing to be ignorant. Nothing is more ignorant than what just went on with the elections. To see the mess Bush made and condemn it to the point that they did, and then to have an even bigger mess made by Obama and yet the left stood by him to the point of re-electing him, is absurd. Oh, but NOW, the left are starting to come out of the woodwork with their rants about how awful it is that starting next year, they won't be able to deduct their mortgage or daycare on their taxes, and how terrible it is that milk will be costing us $6-8 dollars a gallon. And how their medical will end up costing them MORE now instead of less, like Obama promised. THAT, my friend is ignorance. Yep, it's gonna cost me more for everything, just like it's gonna cost more for everyone else, the difference is, I'm laughing!!!


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