Cummins' Plan to Move HQ Still in Works

The company's Power Gen administrative offices would relocate from Fridley to Shoreview.

Details aren't yet firm for Cummins' announced move of its Power Generation division headquarters from Fridley to Shoreview, according to a company official.

Cummins hasn't decided exactly how it plans to re-deploy its local office facilities, said Janet Williams, director of corporate communications.

The company has said it intends to purchase an office building from Medtronic at 3850 Victoria St. in Shoreview as a new home for Power Generation administrative offices. That deal is still pending, Williams said.

Division President Tony Satterthwaite cited overcrowding at the office building located at Cummins' Fridley plant in a company statement announcing the move.

That Fridley plant building, which currently houses the Power Generation division administrative offices, "could be remodeled or removed," Williams said.

Power Generation is one of four main business units of the Indiana-based corporation. In the Twin Cities, the company employs about 1,600 people. "Cummins as a whole is planning for a good deal of growth," Williams said.

City Manager William Burns said while Fridley would sooner see Cummins maintain all its offices or build in Fridley, he didn't see the office move as a big blow, as the company is keeping its large plant in the city. 

Employees at the administrative office won't have far to go. The move to Shoreview would take the Power Gen headquarters about 10 miles east.  It would likely happen toward the end of 2012, Williams said.

The Fridley manufacturing plant and another Cummins office building in Fridley, at 7928 University Ave., aren't directly affected by the headquarters move.


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